a brief introduction

let's go bold together!

cobold digital is a freshly minted partnership from South Delhi in India. It is formed because the Indian small websites cottage industry needs a kick on its behind reboot.

Himanshu, the founding partner of this firm (who likes to write in third-person for some weird reason) has seen clients being ripped off in the name of cheap websites. And he hates it.

He has a passion for websites and clients and sales and he hates to see all three go out just because someone else can hack together a cheap website template for Rs.4999!

(He calls them auto-rickshaw websites. Remember those ads? eh? Don't? Give us a call, we'll show them to you. They're very funny.)

cobold digital is the solution. We've brought together the best practices in the industry along with the Indian way of working to offer our clients a cost-efficient alternative.

Of course, our real strength lies in creating unique digital experiences. We make apps, mobile apps, huge websites, portals and APIs!

When we are very very free, we like to discuss philosophy, religion, world politics, marxism, capitalism and the meaning of life. We are still trying to figure out why the number 42. If you do too, come over!

what's cobold?

cobold = together + bold

Glad that you asked! Cobold (or kobold) is a helpful mischievous creature in German mythology. The House Cobolds help around the house, doing chores for you, but can become notorious if ignored for long. They are excitable, energetic and helpful characters that also defend their family.

Some cobolds are also villanous! Beware!
No, it's not the middle finger. Look.